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25 N 2nd St
San Jose, CA 95113

 (408) 912-8811


“Who is The Cheap Squad?"

Oh this is an easy one! For 7 years and counting we are the highest rated (242 reviews & 5 stars) full service Business IT firm and computer repair shop in San Jose. We are extremely proud of the fact that a great portion of our reviews are from our neighbors both businesses and individuals. We admit to being just a little bias toward our neighbors, ok a lot bias but don’t tell anyone. 


“Are we Reliable/Available?"

Yes! Our Business IT department works 24/7 365 days a year. Our computer repair shop hours are 10am-7pm M-F. Stop by the shop, call, or email and receive a prompt answer to your question’s accompanied by a comprehensive solution, not to mention customer service you’re going to want to tell a friend about. HONEST, FAIR, AWESOME! isn’t just our tag line but the three principles of our company.


Tech Skills

"Do They Know Their Stuff?"

Yes! We’ve successfully served literally 100’s of companies ranging from 3 employee’s to 3,250. We also have gratefully served 1000’s of individuals with their various technical challenges. You can safely bet your 10 terabyte hard drive our experience is proven, current, and effective.

“Is The Cheap Squad Polite & Patient?"

Yes! But please be warned, we will spoil you! We pride ourselves in our ability to translate tech geek to human speak. So when the stress bombs start flying (and trust me they will) first we’ll seek to calmly and clearly understand the challenge, second we'll implement solutions followed by preventive education. This is the formula our clients have come to appreciate and rely on. We will be your eye in any storm that comes your way.



"Can We Trust The Cheap Squad?"

Yes! Honesty is the first pillar of which our entire brand sits. In gardening terms honesty would be the fertile soil and trust the beautiful flower without it there is trust. But don’t take our word for it. Delve deep into our reviews, and decide for yourself. 



"What Does The Cheap Squad expect from us?"

We expect nothing at all. Though we would love the chance to show you first hand why we maintain a 5 star rating with 242 reviews; deeming us the best Business IT/computer repair business in San Jose. Spoiler alert: We are gonna knock your business-casual socks off.

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