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In our industry, it is very important to keep thorough records.  And with today's technology, we have the ability to provide both a paper file and an electronic file. So feel free to go paperless! 

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In our business, most software programs are not accessible online. And the ones that are, leave the agent to manage the file for themselves with no support. That’s why we’ve created our own web tool, designed for us to better manage your files and keep you up to date. To put it simply, we do the work and publish it online for you to follow along. There’s no complicated software to figure out, and you’re better informed!

​In addition to receiving a complete file at each close of escrow, your online account will hold your current pipeline for one full year. At the end of the year, your online files will be backed up to your own personal archive.

We are merging personalized, professional service and building on industry-specific technology.


Our program organizes information specific to each file and allows us the ability to give you more usable features such as:


  • Property Websites:  A web site specific to your listing, marketing YOUR name. With photo galleries, flyers, maps, and online disclosures.  

  • The Cloud:  All your file documents are uploaded to your web file, so you can access documents pertaining to your escrow regardless what side of the transaction you’re on.

  • LIVE Escrow Calendars:  Calendars created specifically for each file and published online for viewing and printing.

Plus, once you sign up for free and become a member, you’ll have more access to other resources such as:

  • Vendor Contacts:  A web page featuring contact information for vendors and affiliates we’ve enjoyed working with on previous transactions.

  • Forms Library:  A web page featuring CAR, PRDS, and Administrative forms suitable for every transaction.

  • Other Resources: A web page featuring a “Who Gets What” reference chart and our “From Contract to Close” escrow flow chart.

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