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Is your TC certified by C.A.R.?  Do they submit your listings to other real estate sites? Do they shred confidential documents, or check with DRE to make sure the other agent on your deal is in good standing?  Well, we do!

These are just some of the things we do to better protect you and your escrow. And not only is our service completely customizable to how you run your business, but we have a strong commitment to our business growth through yours.

We’re licensed,   enabling us to do more! 


We're certified by C.A.R.


​We’re   knowledgeable,   with 26 years of experience! 


​We’re full-time and accessible! 


​We’re living breathing humans you can talk to! 


Sign up for free and experience the difference.

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Us vs. Them



We’re Licensed! 

Enabling us to do more per file. Such as, show property and write offers in your absence, remove contingencies, provide counseling on inspections and disclosures, etc.

We’re Self Employed! 

We have pride in our services, empowering us do better. We have a strong commitment to our business growth through yours. We’re here because we WANT to be.

We’re Here! 

We make ourselves more available to our clients because we realize this industry runs around the clock. We have desk coverage and support staff to help us be more available than your typical 9-5er.

We’re Team Members! 

We consider you as our business partners and present ourselves as your teammates promoting your name. All our services are on your behalf. After all, we’re only here because of you.

We don’t charge on TFTs! 

We understand TFT’s are part of the business. We value you as a client more than the deal that may have been lost for unforeseen reasons. That’s why we don’t get paid unless you do.

We Give More Support! 

Not only do we know our stuff, but we also publish our work online for users to view at 2am if they wish. There’s no complicated software for you to manage, we do it all and you’re better informed



Typically NOT licensed

Putting you and your transaction at a higher risk. If they choose to get their license, what’s holding them back from selling real estate themselves and leaving your files behind.

W2 Employee

No loyalty to your business, no dedication to grow. There is also a greater risk of turnover. Most employed coordinators do as little as possible and leave within the first year.

9 to 5

Because they are employed, there are regulations to how many hours they can work. Again limiting their services to you and often leaving you to fend for yourself when they go on vacation or out sick.

Paper Pushers

Their services are limited and you end up paying someone hundreds of dollars to merely audit your file.


TFT Penalties

Most Escrow Coordination services will bill you a fine for deals that fall out of contract, regardless of the reason.


You’re On Your Own

Most EC’s don’t use a software program for processing files. Some do, however these programs do not allow others to view their work in progress. Other services provide online programs, however you’re left to manage it alone without any support of an assistant

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